Tiger Enclosure Mesh

304 or 316 stainless steel wire rope mesh is a creative product that perfectly for zoo enclosures.

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Stainless Steel Tiger Enclosure Mesh

Stainless steel tiger enclosure mesh is the strongest animal enclosure mesh to stand up with fierce animals, creating a safety barrier for different types of tigers.
It can be used as tiger cage construction wire mesh materials, such as fierce animal enclosure mesh, tiger enclosure mesh, outdoor tiger exhibit netting, wolf enclosure mesh, black bear mesh, leopard enclosure mesh, lion safety mesh, elephant fence, fox mesh, big cat zoo mesh,  and wildlife park, exhibition,museum, animal protection center and other place.

Stainless steel tiger enclosure mesh, with simple, corrosion resistance, high strength, saving cost. Flexible structure can adapt to various terrain changes, blending well with the wild environment.

Material group :
AISI 304/316stainless steel
Mesh hole :
51mm x 51mm (2” x 2”), 60mm x 60mm(2.4 “x 2.4”), 76mm x 76mm(3” x 3”), 90mm x 90mm(3.6” x 3.6”), 102mm x 102mm(4” x 4”)
Wire rope diameter :
2.4mm(3/32), 3.2mm( 1/8”)
Weaving method:
         pure Hand-woven
         stainless steel color; black
Mesh Panel Size: 
Model: 2451,2460,3251,3260,3276,3290,32102…


Stainless steel cable mesh divided into two categories according to different color, Natural color stainless steel cable mesh and Black stainless steel cable mesh.
The stainless steel woven rope mesh is twisted and interwoven by the stainless steel wire rope to form a knot and linked together. This minimalist style of craftsmanship is the most dazzling product in stainless steel wire rope products. While providing the same intensity, the visual obstacles are greatly reduced, and it is easier to vanish. Without troublesome light reflection, viewing at a certain distance is almost completely invisible.

Stainless steel tiger enclosure mesh have many advantages for tiger sites:

  1. Excellent strength and toughness: With excellent strength and toughness to fight tigers, the unbreakable toughness can guarantee the safety of visitors. Transparent mesh allow visitors to take a closer look at the tigers’ behavior, giving visitors a true experience. 
  2. Never rust: Having 30 years lifetime, the stainless steel tiger enclosure mesh still retains its original toughness and strength and never rust. Therefore, operators do not have to worry about mesh will be rusty or corroded.
  3. Any size custom available: Large area can be covered. With pure hand-woven, super production capacity, it can meet the needs of larger mesh. Every mesh panel will conform to the frame, making installation very simple.
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Application Cases

The stainless steel tiger enclosure mesh widely used for kinds of Zoo Animal Cage fencing, tiger enclosure fence netting mesh, tiger protection netting, leopard enclosure mesh, wire rope protective fox fencing, wire netting for giraffe exhibit, black bear mesh, zoo elephant netting, outdoor lion animals netting and other wild zoo, animal protection center, museum.

Stainless steel tiger enclosure mesh details

Stainless steel tiger enclosure mesh material selection:

Hand-woven stainless steel tiger enclosure mesh is made of high-quality stainless steel wire rope. Steel wire rope material is 304 or 316 stainless steel.

Common used material 304 stainless steel, is the main material, can meet the needs of most areas. And 316 stainless steel is mainly used in humid environment, such as coastal areas.

Stainless steel tiger enclosure mesh specification selection:

In general, the size of the tiger determines the mesh aperture. The strength of the bird determines the diameter of the wire rope. Specific specifications need to be selected according to the actual tiger species. Choosing the right product specifications can effectively reduce project costs.

Commonly used stainless steel tiger enclosure mesh rope diameter and wire rope structure:

Medium-sized tigers: 3/32″( 2.4mm)
Large tigers: 1/8″(3.2mm)

Rope structure: 7*7 structure
(i.e. one rope is twisted from 7 strands of fine steel wire rope, and each strand of fine steel wire rope is twisted from 7 steel wires)

Commonly used stainless steel tiger enclosure mesh and panel size:

Medium-tigers: 51 x 51mm(2″×2“), 60 x 60mm(2.4″×2.4″),

Large tigers: 76 x 76mm(3″×3″), 90 x 90mm( 3.6″×3.6″), 102 x 102mm(4″×4″)

Panel size (L×H): customized

Recommend Mesh Codes

Based on our more than 20 years of production experience, we recommend the following common tiger enclosure mesh specifications for your reference.

Product codeWire rope constructionWeight (kg/m²)Wire rope diameter(mm)Mesh aperture(mm)Wire rope diameter(inch)Mesh aperture(inch)
24517×71.072.4mm51 × 513/322’’ x 2’’
24607×70.872.4mm60 × 603/322.4’’ x 2.4’’
32517×192.103.2mm51 × 511/82’’ x 2’’
32607×191.653.2mm60 × 601/82.4’’ x 2.4’’
32767×191.403.2mm76 × 761/83’’ x 3’
32907×191.103.2mm90 × 901/83.6’’ x 3.6’’
321027×190.963.2mm102 x 1021/84’’ × 4’’
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Product Parameters

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Woven ZooMesh Key Points:

Min. breaking load (KN):3.2mm – 7.32; 2.4mm – 4.08; 2.0mm – 3.10; 1.6mm – 2.12; 1.2mm – 1.19
Wire rope construction:3.2mm – 7*19; all others – 7*7
Material group:AISI 304, 304L , 316, 316L stainless steel
Mesh panel size:35’ x 70’ (10.6m x 21.3m) or customers’ required sizes
Mesh color:Stainless steel natural color /  Black color / Bronze color
Packing:the mesh will be rolled and packed in PP woven bag
Country of Origin:China
Domestic shipping:the mesh is available for shipping to all countries outside the China
Shipping way:by sea, by air, or by express like FedEx, DHL, UPS
Price term:


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