It is always our pursuit to provide perfect service!

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Services of HangYun

HangYun has been engaged in foreign trade export business for more than 20 years. We pay attention to the customer’s purchase experience and friendly relations, and provide complete quality assurance and reputation assurance. It is always our pursuit to provide perfect service.

We provide the following services:

Factory direct sale


Provide free samples

Customized service

Rich experience

OEM & ODM Service

We have corresponding services and descriptions for each process. You can refer to the following order process, product accessory specification, product installation guidance, FAQ and file download.
Please feel free to contact us! A small step made by you will be a big step towards our cooperation.

How to order?

Follow The Order Process & Success Ordering
The perfect order placement process is our guarantee of timely delivery and the key to control the shipping and logistics and receiving process.

Step 1

Contact us via Email, Message or WhatsApp, etc. Please let us know your requirements and we will respond within 24 hours.

Step 2

If you are unsure of the product details, you can request samples from us to ensure the consistency of the mesh.

Step 3

Determine the product details, confirm the wire mesh specification, mesh size and quantity, delivery date, price of the wire mesh, etc.

Step 4

Once the order is confirmed, we will send you a payment invoice.

Step 5

After you receive the invoice, please pay 30% deposit based on the invoice information. We will arrange production as soon as we receive the deposit.

Step 6

During the production process, we will actively follow up and communicate with you in a timely manner.

Step 7

After production is completed, you need to pay the balance and shipping cost, and we will ship according to the transportation method you specified.


After you receive the goods, we always welcome your feedback so that we can better serve you in the future.

Free Sample

Free Sample

Get samples to better understand the product.

When we are agreeing on product details, we will provide free samples.
We encourage customers to ask us for interested samples.
You can confirm the style, specifications and parameters of the product when you receive the sample. We guarantee that the product you ordered is consistent with the sample. You can also use this sample to do various tests to explore its parameters.
This avoids the error of the description and the color of the picture.
The quality of our products is equal to the quality of the samples we provide.
Note* The size of free samples < 10 sq.ft

Package and Shippment

Stainless steel wire rope mesh is very flexible and soft, and can be arbitrarily folded. Therefore, we usually fold the stainless steel wire rope mesh into the square. Tie it up with a rope. Packaging with plastic woven fabric, and fixed the stainless steel wire rope net on the pallet, waits for the transportation.

We are factory direct delivery, and in accordance with the customer designated mode of transport, transport of goods.

Three modes of transportation are available

1By express

Our partner company has FedEx, DHL Express, UPS. Shipping time is generally 3-7 days.

2By air

The transportation time is generally 3-7 days, generally, require customers to go to the airport to clear customs.

3By sea

The transportation time is usually 10-30 days, requiring customers to arrive at the port for customs clearance.

88% of users choose by express
60% of users choose by air
20% of users choose by sea

Installation Guidance

The mesh panel arrives in front of you in precise dimensions.
You only need to follow the installation instructions and use a wire rope to firmly wrap the edge of the mesh onto the frame or support structure to tighten the mesh.
Customized sizes and matching frames are very easy to assemble. Of course, due to the elasticity, the width and height of these meshes in the contraction state need to be carefully identified by you.


Yes, we can. Welcome to email us to get free sample that is ready for you.

A variety of ample samples are stocked in our warehouse. You can apply to us as needed. Generally, the size of free samples < 10 sq.ft, but this is enough for you to understand our product and conduct parameter testing on it.

Please provide us with your freight account number and we will arrange shipping. Or you can place an order with your local DHL, FedEx, or other international courier, who will arrange for pick-up at our office.

We accept wire transfers for remittance.

The production will be planed once the contract is confirmed , then the workshop manager will make detailed production schedule. The order will be started within 1 days once deposit is received by us.

The free samples can be sent to check the quality. Welcome to contact with me, we can talk the details.

Trial order can be sent within 5~7 days.

Formal order can be finished within 5-25days. The specific delivery deadline needs to be determined based on your order quantity.

By sea, by air or by express. Our partner company has FedEx, DHL Express, UPS.

The shipping rate is constantly changing and is generally based on the quotation within 5 days before shipment.

We have been working with professional freight forwarders for over 15 years, providing us with the greatest support and best service to help customers control costs.

Yes, you can, We also support Video-inspection,Our QC Manager will assist you to complete a series of inspections. 

We reply on all questions within

24 h


We offer support for our customers
 Mon – Fri 8:00am – 6:00pm (GMT +8)