Stainless Steel Ferrule Mesh

304 or 316 black oxide stainless steel wire rope mesh is a creative product that perfectly for zoo fences.

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Stainless Steel ferrule Mesh

Stainless steel wire rope mesh is hand-woven from Material 304 or 316 stainless steel ropes by molds. It is a creative product that perfectly replaces the fences and bars used in zoological gardens, so it is called zoo mesh by clients. 

According to the production process, stainless steel wire rope mesh can be divided into woven mesh and ferrule mesh.

Stainless steel Ferrule Mesh (also known as stainless steel buckle mesh) is a soft metal net made of seamless stainless steel ferrules and stainless steel wire rope crimping. 

Compared to the stainless steel woven mesh, aesthetics is one of the advantages of ferrule mesh.

The beautiful appearance and high strength of stainless steel wire rope ferrule mesh are favored by customers. It is commonly used in the field of decoration.

Stainless steel ferrule mesh can be divided into primary color stainless steel buckle mesh and black stainless steel ferrule mesh according to the color, they have the same characteristics and uses.

  • Beautiful and highly transparent, providing a friendly viewing effect for animals and visitors.
  • Flexible and resilient, suitable for installation in various styling locations.
  • Strong, corrosion-resistant, long service life, maintenance free. Safety and eco-friendly.
  • Pure hand-woven, customized size, easy to transport and install.


Stainless steel Ferrule Mesh (also known as stainless steel buckle mesh) is a soft metal mesh made of seamless stainless steel ferrules and stainless steel wire rope crimping. Available in original stainless steel color and black.

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Application Cases

The stainless steel rope ferrule mesh/buckle net is hand-woven with high quality stainless steel wire ropes and buckles. Widely applicable to zoo nets (bird nets, monkey seine nets, beast fence nets…), decorative nets, building protective nets, fence nets, etc.

Hangyun manufacturer has over 20 years of production experience and has served countless customers from around the world. The following are the product images and application project renderings of stainless steel rope ferrule nets.

Flexible stainless steel ferrule mesh details

Stainless steel rope ferrule mesh material selection:

Hand-woven stainless steel rope ferrule mesh is made of high-quality stainless steel wire ropes and buckles. Steel wire rope material is 304 or 316 stainless steel.

Common used material 304 stainless steel, is the main material, can meet the needs of most areas. And 316 stainless steel is mainly used in humid environment, such as coastal areas.

Stainless steel buckle mesh specification selection:

In general, the size of animal determines the mesh aperture. The strength of the animal determines the diameter of the wire rope. Specific specifications need to be selected according to the actual animal species. Choosing the right product specifications can effectively reduce project costs.

Commonly used stainless steel cable mesh rope diameter and wire rope structure:

Rope diameter: 3/64″(1.2mm); 1/16″(1.6mm); 5/64″(2.0mm); 3/32″(2.4mm); 1/8″(3.2mm);
Rope structure: 7*7 structure
(i.e. one rope is twisted from 7 strands of fine steel wire rope, and each strand of fine steel wire rope is twisted from 7 steel wires)

Commonly used stainless steel zoo mesh and panel size:

Mesh size: 0.8″×0.8“, 1″×1“, 1.2″×1.2″, 1.5″×1.5″, 2″×2“, 2.4″×2.4″, 3″×3″, 3.6″×3.6″, 4″×4″, 4.7″×4.7“, 5″×5“ 

(Please refer to the following specification table for mesh size details) 

Panel size (L×H): customised

Stainless steel rope ferrule mesh produced by Hangyun manufacturer:

Recommend Mesh Codes

Based on our more than 20 years of production experience, the following are our commonly used black oxide stainless steel wire rope mesh specifications.

Stainless Steel Ferrule mesh
Product codeWire rope constructionBreaking force(KN)Wire rope diameter(mm)Mesh aperture(mm)
F321207 X 197.383.2120 x 208
F321007 X 197.383.2100 x 173
F32907 X 197.383.290 x 156
F241007 X 74.182.4100 x 173
F24907 X 74.182.490 x 156
F24807 X 74.182.480 x 139
F24707 X 74.182.470 x 121
F201007 X 73.172.0100 x 173
F20907 X 73.172.090 x 156
F20807 X 73.172.080 x 139
F20707 X 73.172.070 x 121
F16807 X 72.171.680 x 139
F16707 X 72.171.670 x 121
F16607 X 72.171.660 x 104
F16517 X 72.171.651 x87
F12807 X 71.221.280 x 139
F12707 X 71.221.270 x 121
F12607 X 71.221.260 x 104
F12507 X 71.221.250 x 87
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Product Parameters

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Woven ZooMesh Key Points:

Min. breaking load (KN):3.2mm – 7.32; 2.4mm – 4.08; 2.0mm – 3.10; 1.6mm – 2.12; 1.2mm – 1.19
Wire rope construction:3.2mm – 7*19; all others – 7*7
Material group:AISI 304, 304L , 316, 316L stainless steel
Mesh panel size:35’ x 70’ (10.6m x 21.3m) or customers’ required sizes
Mesh color:Stainless steel natural color /  Black color / Bronze color
Packing:the mesh will be rolled and packed in PP woven bag
Country of Origin:China
Domestic shipping:the mesh is available for shipping to all countries outside the China
Shipping way:by sea, by air, or by express like FedEx, DHL, UPS
Price term:


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