The stainless steel rope woven mesh for bird aviary cage construction --- bird aviary mesh

About stainless steel rope woven wire mesh for bird aviary construction – bird aviary mesh, Hangyun supplier will give you advice on choosing bird aviary mesh and birdhouse construction.

The construction of bird aviary is a crucial task in bird breeding. A suitable birdcage and birdhouse protective mesh can not only provide a comfortable living environment for birds; but also effectively prevent diseases and the adverse effects of the outside weather; as well as a sense of experience for tourists watching birds. Hang Yun Factory will introduce you the bird aviary construction tips and related bird cage protective netting purchase in bird breeding to help you create an ideal birdhouse.

▶Selection of the site of the bird aviary cage

Site selection is the first step in the construction of bird houses. A suitable site can provide a safe and warm living environment for birds. The location of the bird aviary cage should take into account adequate sunlight and ventilation to ensure that the air quality and temperature inside the birdhouse is appropriate.

▶ Infrastructure of aviaries

The foundation of the aviary is crucial to the stability and durability of the aviary. First of all, a solid and stable foundation should be chosen. Concrete or masonry can be used for construction. Secondly, build structurally strong columns or supports on the foundation to carry the weight and support the construction of the aviary. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the foundation and posts are at the right height to allow birds to fly freely and unobstructed in the aviary.

▶The choice of materials for bird aviary mesh

The choice of material is directly related to the quality and service life of the birdhouse. Generally speaking, the choice of bird aviary cage materials is mainly the choice of birdhouse walls. Usually the wall of birdhouse is built with protective netting. Protective mesh can choose nylon netting, plastic netting or metal netting and other materials. Nylon mesh and plastic mesh are light in weight and low in cost. But have poor protection and a very short life span. Metal mesh is relatively strong and long-lasting. Metal mesh and can choose wire mesh, galvanized wire mesh, stainless steel rope woven mesh and so on. Comparatively speaking, stainless steel rope woven mesh is the best choice. Moreover, Hang Yun manufactory recommends stainless steel rope woven mesh for you, which is the best choice for birdhouse construction. Stainless steel wire rope woven mesh, compared to wire mesh and galvanized mesh, is corrosion-resistant, strong, no maintenance and long life, beautiful, good sight, easy to shape and install and so on.

▶The structural design of the aviary

The structural design of the aviary should take into account the behavioral habits of the birds. First of all, it must ensure that there is enough space in the bird aviary to ensure that the birds have a flight space. In addition, the shape of the bird cage can be arbitrarily constructed. Stainless steel rope woven mesh can be arbitrarily installed in a variety of shapes in the bird aviary.

In conclusion, bird aviary cage construction techniques are a comprehensive project. Site selection, infrastructure, choice of materials and structural design should be fully considered. Only by ensuring a good living environment for birds, we can get better feeding results and economic benefits. Therefore, when building birdhouses, we can refer to the above tips and make appropriate adjustments and improvements according to the actual situation.

Below are tips for buying stainless steel rope woven mesh for bird aviary:

Selection of stainless steel rope bird aviary netting need to pay attention to: rope diameter, aperture diameter, material, color, mesh size and so on.

Rope diameter: according to the destructive feeding birds to choose and buy. Generally use 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm. The stronger the destructive, the selection of the rope diameter the thicker.

Aperture diameter: according to the size of the feeding birds to buy. Can effectively protect the birds, do not let the birds fly out of the bird aviary can be. Commonly used aperture diameter: 25mm × 25mm, 30mm × 30mm, 38mm × 38mm, 51mm × 51mm, 76mm × 76mm and so on.

Material: 316 stainless steel is generally used in coastal areas, while 304 stainless steel is used in other areas.

Color: choose according to your own design. Commonly used colors are: black and primary color stainless steel.

Mesh size: customized according to the actual demand (length x height). If it is used for shaped bird aviary, the mesh can be cut according to the demand.

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