Why choose stainless steel rope mesh as zoo wire mesh or animal cage

Stainless steel rope mesh is the strongest zoo wire mesh to stand up with fierce animals such as lions and tigers which have sharp teeth and claws.

Depending on its structure, it can be divided into two types: plain weave and knotless with ferrule connection. Also called as: stainless steel woven mesh and stainless steel buckle mesh.

Why choose steel rope woven mesh as zoo wire mesh or animal cage?

Stainless steel rope never rusts.

Recyclable and durable.

High strength to bear huge impacts.

Zoo Mesh Creates a Safe Environment for the Animals and Visitors

Stainless steel wire cable mesh is a new device to deal with furious animals like tiger, lion, puma and leopard. Its superior strength can stand up with any impacts from these dangerous animals. And stainless steel woven mesh has excellent strength and resistance to corrosion and other harsh conditions, which makes it has a long service life.

What Animals Will Zoo Wire Mesh Be Used to Protect?

Zoo mesh will be used to protect all birds and large animals, birds like galahs, corellas, peacock, flamingo, parrot, toucan, toucan, cockatiel, thrush; large animals like tiger, lion, leopard, antelope, monkey, bear, zebra.


Animal enclosure – zoo wire mesh, tiger enclosure, monkey enclosure, lion cage.

Aviary – macaw, parrot, crane, eagle and medium to large birds.

Architecture – balustrade, railing, window guard, decorations, etc.

Beast protective mesh

Stainless steel cable mesh is a frequent zoo wire mesh for its strength and corrosion resistance.

Hot specificationsordered by customers:

(stainless steel rope woven mesh for zoo wire mesh or animal cage mesh)

Material group : AISI 304/316stainless steel
Mesh hole :
25.4mm x 25.4mm (1” x 1”)
30mm x 30mm(1.2 “x 1.2”)
38mm x 38mm(1.5” x 1.5”)
51mm x 51mm(2” x 2”)
60mm x 60mm(2.4” x 2.4”)
76mm x 76mm(3” x 3”)
90mm x 90mm(3.6” x 3.6”)
102mm x 102mm(4” x 4”)
Wire rope diameter :
1.2mm( 3/64”), 1.6mm(1/16”), 2.0mm(5/64″), 2.4mm(3/32″), 3.2mm(1/8″)
Weaving method:pure Hand-woven
Color: stainless steel color; black
Mesh Panel Size: Customized

Hebei Hangyun I/E Co. Ltd. is a real production company in China. We have about 2500 square metres of production space and up to 45 employees weaving stainless steel wire rope mesh products.

Hebei Hangyun provides 7 days x 24 hours superb service!

Nowadays, many zoos, animal parks, wildlife parks choose wire rope mesh for monkey enclosure, monkey fence, monkey netting, monkey cage fence, monkey safety netting and so on.
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